Timothy Poiles opened The Coffee Shop in the most unlikely of times, during COVID. But it was God's timing. When COVID was wreaking havoc on our country, Timothy was taking a leap of faith as a new business owner. Timothy knew God was calling him to set aside any fears he may have had and to trust God in this new business adventure. So, he went for it!

Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart. The first few years of running any business can be most challenging, to say the least. Timothy has experienced some slow days where he got discouraged and even considered closing at one point, but GOD wasn't going to have that.

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During those times of feeling down, God always sent someone into The Coffee Shop to give him encouragement. Timothy's customers have become like family members to him. They cheer him on from the sidelines, taking a seat in his shop while having inspiring conversations with him as he works. I recently visited his shop and one of his customers was sitting and chatting to Timothy when I walked in. I could tell she was there to encourage him while drinking a cup of amazing coffee brewed with the love of Christ. The skinny latte that I ordered was excellent! Timothy is superb at what he does, and the amazing thing, he does it all for the glory of God!

Timothy loves the great outdoors, God's beautiful creation. He draws close to God as he gets along with nature. This is his quiet, reflective time to communicate with God and to listen to Him. Everyone needs a place, or a special spot, where they can go to feel safe and secure in the arms of God. Whether it be a room in your home, while walking, or riding a bike, God is always close by and ready to hear from us.

Timothy's biggest lesson so far as a business owner is to be, PATIENT. Don't get in a rush and do things fast. Pray, listen, and then take action as needed. God will test our faith at times, be ready to endure challenges that come along, and depend upon God to help you out.

Let the peace of Christ guard your heart and mind!

Give God the glory for what He has allowed you to accomplish and be ready to share with others what he has done for you. Stay humble, stay alert, and stay positive!

The Coffee Shop Menu https://www.facebook.com/thecoffeeshoppeofficial/

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The Coffee Shop Location: 4921 Goetz Drive, Owensboro, KY (Across the street from Burns Middle School)



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