To say that it's been a long five years in the making would be an understatement for Owensboro's, Andy Brasher. He just released his new album, 'Myna Bird' with a virtual party to celebrate. Here's everything you need to know about Andy Brasher's new music and new album.

Andy Brasher via YouTube

Tonight at Bud's Rockin Country Bar and Grill it was supposed to be a big night for country artist, Andy Brasher. It was supposed to be his 'Myna Bird' release party. The coronaviris pandemic changed all of that. What it couldn't change however, is how excited he was for his fans to hear the new tracks.

Andy Brasher Music

I had the chance to talk to Andy about this very thing.

"I've never put this much time and effort into a project before. I'm passionate about my past releases still, but this is the album I've always wanted to make." Brasher shared.

Andy went on to share, "I was blessed with some amazing opportunities on this record-working with legendary producers, Ross Hogarth and a Harry Smith- legendary musicians - and recording at one of the best studios in the world. You know how Oprah used to give out cars and lavish vacations to random viewers? That's how I have felt about the opportunities that were presented to me on this record. Like I won the lottery and got to do it exactly how I wanted. But instead of Oprah, or the lottery, it was God, friends, family and my team that made Myna Bird happen."

Andy Brasher Music

Andy Brasher has been getting love from Billboard, Wide Open Country, American Music Association and so many others recently. I'm just ready to see him perform in the tri-state soon. Please stay #HealthyatHome so that can happen sooner than later.

His 'Myna Bird' release party, although #HealthyatHome, was a huge success last night.

Andy Brasher Music

Get in the mood for romance with "If She Loves", a song that Andy wrote for his longtime girlfriend, Tamarra Miller. Push play and take a listen to this beautiful, inspiring song. I guarantee that you'll fall in love with it too!

"21" was the first track released off of 'Myna Bird' and it's a reflection of the past and a look in to the future. A bright future indeed.

We are so proud of Andy and hope that his music continues to resonate! He deserves it after so many years of hard work. We can all say that we knew him when.

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