It's time to pop some tags people!  Cue choir of Angel's singing as I tell you "Today is National Thrift Shop Day" and we are celebrating by shouting out our local thrift/consignment shops.

Angel here and if you know me even for like five seconds you know I love a bargain.  I can sniff one out like a bloodhound.  There is just something about other people's stuff and it being super cheap that I can't pass up.

Angel's Thrift Shop Finds

It also reminds me of my momma.  She and I would go thrift shopping on a regular basis when I was growing up.  She taught me how to get all the best deals and even when to shop.  She knew the times they would mark items down.  We also could afford nice things this way.  As I got older it became a favorite past time for us and then when she passed away I used bargain shopping as a way to always take her with me.

In Owensboro, we have some of the best shops around.  I make sure to frequent each one as much as the next.  Charlotte has actually made friends with all the shop owners and they usually give her snacks or their phones to play while I shop.

You can find the most unique items here.  Tina supports a lot of local folks who make items and she gets stuff from local boutiques.  You can always find a treasure here.

EnVogue Consignment Shop


I stumbled upon New Life a few years ago on a Saturday.  They are a thrift store, not consignment and run off donations.  A lot of donations come from the community and even some of our other consignment shops.  They use the money made to put it back into the community.  They have awesome stuff from clothing to furniture to books.  You won't find the same thing twice.

New Life Thrift

I love visiting the crew at The Clothesline.  They have great deals and lots of different items.  Their tag system brings on more deals.


The Clothesline

It's an upscale boutique full of literally everything you can think of.  They have clothing for the whole family and your house too.  This past weekend I got tons of dollar deals.  I buy ahead for my kids and store them in totes in the attic.  I snapped the hat I am wearing and several other items when I went this past Saturday.

A Repeat Boutique
A Repeat Boutique Outfit

Robin's a family-owned business.  It was started by Robin Roach years ago and she has now passed the shop on to her daughter Maria.  Robin is now an essential worker as a Registered Nurse here in Owensboro.  They will not be opening their doors until a later date and want to encourage you to visit them online.  They post new items daily and have amazing new and used items.

Owensboro is so fortunate to have so many different options to get a bargain.  If you are going out and about please check the Facebook pages of each of these so you are following all precautions necessary to keep others safe.  Happy Shopping.

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