My Father in Law, Ray Welsh, lost his battle to cancer this past weekend surrounded by his wife and children.  Today, I want to pay tribute to the amazing husband, son, father, granddad, friend, and person is was.I remember the very first time I met Ray, we were at St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter and he came with Friends of Sinners to volunteer his time.  My husband Joe was still director at the shelter at the time.  I went over to introduce myself to him because I could tell from afar that he was watching me.  I walked up and said "Hi I'm Angel, Joe's girlfriend".  Well I expected him to smile and be polite...he wasn't he said to me very serious and I quote "Do you believe in the Lord?"  I of course said Yes.  Then he said "well my son is on a really good path and I want him to stay that way!"  He terrified me for a short time until I got to know him LOL!  But I loved and respected that he wanted his son to have the right person by his side to do life.

So many people loved Ray and I wanted to share posts from Facebook from his friends and family with you all.

Danielle Welsh
Ben Pearl Facebook

Ray was a fighter!  My favorite saying of his "Satan is a Sissy".  My Father in Law however was not!  He was so strong and not because of his own strength but through the Lord.  He had such great faith.  I am so blessed to have known and loved him and experienced who he was.

When Ray went to the hospital this last time he was very sick and I think he knew he was not long for this world.  One night when visiting he noticed my son Braden sitting back in tears and he called him over and told him he wanted to give him a message.  He sang a song he said he wrote and I was able to record it.  I am grateful I caught it on video because our entire family will forever cherish the sound of him singing.

I think what I will miss most about Ray is knowing that no matter what every single morning I could guarantee if no one else listened he was right there tuned in to listen to me on the radio.  He would message Joe to tell him about something I said or when I would see him he would tell me to stop crying on air because it made him cry too.

I am so sad to know Charlotte will grow up not getting to know him personally but we will all make sure she knows what an incredible man her Papaw was and continues to be living on through his family.

Romans 8:28 says " And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." 

What an amazing purpose Ray had in life and I know he is resting peacefully with the Jesus.  While I am heartbroken I rejoice to know with blessed assurance our family will be with him again one day.  Until then we will share memories, laugh and cry together, and make sure and share the good word of the Gospel with others knowing that is what he would have wanted.