How can it be that our sweet baby girl is off to start her first day of Kindergarten?!  Y'all Charlotte heads off to big girl school today.


For those of you who have been around for a long time, you have literally shared in almost every moment of this little girl's life.  She was only eight months old when I started here.  She was thrust into the spotlight from day one and she has loved every single minute of it.  From Uncle Chad making fun of her big gigantic bows to all the hilarious stories, we tell about her sassy attitude.


My momma always told everyone about how proud she was of me.  She shared photos and stories and just about anything she could with anyone that would listen.  I would roll my eyes and ask "WHY"?  She told me when I became a mother I would understand.  I definitely do.  When Charlotte began preschool we would tell her daily to play with someone new each day and if you see someone sitting alone pull up a seat beside them.  She listened.  Four different times last year I had mommas contact me to tell me Charlotte had befriended their child when they had no one else and made them feel welcome and happy to come to school.  My heart melted.  In a year of uncertainty and chaos, she had found her way.  We are so proud of the young lady she has become and we know without a doubt she is gonna do big things in the future.


I feel like we blinked and here we are.  To be completely and totally honest I have struggled a ton the past few months leading up to this day.  I know she is our last and when I stop and focus on it the lump in my throat swells and tears fill my eyes.  I knew the day was coming and I couldn't slow down the process.  While I look forward to all she will do I can't help but want to hold onto the sweet baby girl who has stolen everyone's hearts over the past five years.


My hope for Charlotte is she always remembers to whom she belongs.  She treats others far better than she ever expects to be treated and sets the example instead of waiting for someone to follow.  That she is kind and caring and remembered most for how she treats others.  Taking each day at her own pace not looking right or left but straight ahead at what she wants.  Knowing she is beautiful on the outside but she is most beautiful when she is helping others find their beauty.  Most of all that she would know exactly how very much she is loved.

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