According to Punxsutawney Phil, we're supposed to be getting an early Spring! But, the Farmer’s Almanac and News 25 say something different.

Is the info from the Farmers' Almanac 100% correct? Not sure, but, today, we saw some snow showers here in the Tri-State!

Chart taken from the Farmers' Almanac February 2020 for Indiana, Kentucky, & Illinois and other Midwest States

Farmer's Almanac February 2020; Deb Turner

News 25 Meteorologist, Ron Rhodes forecast for today (Feb. 6):  cloudy with snow showers tonight, will last through the night with minor accumulations less than 1-inch. Breezy and cold.  And, tomorrow, cloudy and cold with a few flurries mainly in the morning. Hi 35-39.  Brrrrr.

So, I guess we’ll have to brace ourselves for more colder-snowy weather this month.  It's anyone's guess if we'll get lots and lots of snow or just what we had today - snow showers and then melted away.

Speaking of snow, just the other day, here’s what happened to my “Snowman” sign that was hanging outside of our house - it fell to the ground, I’m assuming, due to the windy day.  I thought it was a “Sign” to bring it indoors, so I took it inside and stored it away until next winter!  haha.

Snowman sign (fell to the ground); credit Deb Turner
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