How quaint it all seems now. I remember back in 2014, the messages were FLYING...AT&T 4G LTE was being introduced in Owensboro. It was coming two years after Verizon upgraded.


Everyone was excited, and rightfully so. The speed of 4G replacing the high-tech equivalent of a rotary dial phone. Seriously, I don't remember how many texts I got that day.

But in 2022, we are rounding the corner, and what few customers are still operating on the 3G network (and I had no idea any still were) are facing the possibility of not having service as soon as next week. That's right. Mobile providers are phasing out the 3G network in an effort to make room for better services, like higher-speed 5G--something many customers in the Owensboro area, for example, have yet to experience. I'm ONE of those customers.

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So, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it. You need to find out if your current smartphone or iPhone will be ready to go when 3G is dropped altogether on February 22nd, 2022.

According to the FCC, while AT&T will be finished shutting down 3G by 2/22, Verizon customers have until December 31st to make necessary changes. T-Mobile's target dates are March 31st--for Sprint's 3G CDMA network--and June 30th--for Sprint's 4G LTE network.


So here's what you need to do if you are an AT&T customer. You need to check your phone's model to see if it will be supported after February 22nd. You can usually FIND that number on the back of your phone as I did. (And I am good to go, thank you very much.) The model numbers for the phones that will be compatible after the switch are available on this page from AT&T's website, where you will also find instructions on locating your device's number if it isn't on the back.

But yes, it happens next week, so be left out in the cold, even if it IS winter. Our smartphones and iPhones have become lifelines. And you GOTTA have your lifeline.

[SOURCE: WAVE3-Louisville]

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