Universal is now working on a third version of 'Battlestar Galactica,' this time for the big screen, and have hired 'Transcendence' screenwriter Jack Paglen to write it. As when did it, it's likely that it will take the basic outline and go its own way with it (though there will surely be Cylons and a character named Starbuck).

This news comes from Variety, and they note that this isn't a new proposition as Universal toyed with having Bryan Singer bring the franchise to the big screen back in 2009, just as Moore and company were wrapping up their four seasons. The original 1978 series tried to capitalize on the heat 'Star Wars' brought to science fiction endeavors, but ran for just one season due to low ratings.

Paglen is one of the hottest writers going, as 'Transcendence' is hitting theaters April 18 and he's currently working on the script for Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus 2.' Universal, who doesn't have a major comic book series, is likely trying to chase a franchise with this, and considering  'Star Wars: Episode 7' could stoke fires for outer space adventure (as 'Star Wars' did in 1977), it makes sense that they'd want to have a sci-fi franchise in development for release in 2016 or 2017.

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