This cute little bear cub pulled open a Newburgh family's unlocked car door and decided to eat the treats inside. Wrappers and dirty paw prints were all that remained. You'll be smiling until you can't bear it any longer!

I have to admit that I LOVE bears and especially bear cubs. Growing up in the country we had plenty of them in Northern Michigan. Bears would come for a backyard visit quite often. We loved catching them playing on the game camera. Of course, my Mom hated when they'd tear up her bird feeders, but that's another story. I actually miss all of the beautiful nature of the north and the bears. I named this beauty, Scarface. Why wouldn't I name my bear friends!

Barb Birgy

The Tedford family is super adventurous and recently took a trip to the Smoky Mountains. They hiked, tubed down the river, did white water rafting, fished and got a fun surprise when they least expected it. A surprise visitor that is! They could barely contain themselves.

This smart little teddy bear opened an unlocked car door and climbed on in. How the cub was able to maneuver around the vehicle we'll never know. I had the chance to talk with Stephanie Tedford about the Great Bear Caper.

Stephanie Conley Tedford

"It was such a crazy and funny experience. The neighbors came over to tell us that my car door had been open for about 30 minutes. The bear had opened my car door and went from the front seat all the way to the back, leaving dusty dirt all over the inside of my vehicle. A couple of granola bar wrappers were found on the ground next to my car. He attempted to get into 3 other vehicles before leaving. There were dirty paw prints everywhere!", Stephanie said about the experience.

Stephanie Conley Tedford

"I was scared at first. Afraid that he had damaged my car. Once I realized my car was okay (only dusty /dirty) I thought I was funny! I’m still in shock that it happened.", Stephanie added.

Stephanie Conley Tedford

Stephanie also shared, "The kids were shocked too. Anna Grace (my 12 year old daughter) said she could see his butt imprint in her seat  He must have eaten his second snack while sitting in her seat."

Stephanie Conley Tedford

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