Beaver Dam has voted yes to sale of alcohol in the city limits. In the special options election held Tuesday, 562 voted yes while 435 voted no.

The election comes after Beaver Dam resident Michael Adkins began circulating a petition over a year ago to get the wet/dry vote on a ballot. The city's population of over 3,000 allowed the vote to be separate from the county as determined by the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The results of a election approving alcohol sales become effective 60 days after the entry of certificate of the county board of election commissioners in county judge-executive order book. In other words if the vote is certified this week, Beaver Dam could become a wet city on April 4. The 60-day time frame cannot fall on a weekend.

It's proposed no more than two package stores and seven restaurants could sell and serve alcohol in the city limits. The Kenucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control can take up another 45-60 days to complete field reports which would mean the alcohol sales wouldn't begin until early June, based on the date the measure passed.

As for the rest of Ohio County, an online petition was created when it was thought Beaver Dam couldn't reach the 25 percent quota for an election. That petition is currently being looked at by the Attorney General. Should an election take place for a wet/dry vote county wide, Beaver Dam and the county could work independently of each other.

Grayson and Butler counties both rejected a similar measure to go wet.