We are just hours away from getting our WBKR Window World St. Jude Radiothon underway. Tune in today and Friday to find out how to become a St. Jude Partner in Hope. You'll get these incentives for joining the cause.

The new St. Jude "This Shirt Saves Lives" t-shirt, as worn by country's biggest stars!

Country Cares/St. Jude
Country Cares/St. Jude

And...free food from Chick-fil-a! You'll receive a card to get a free sandwich of your choice.

So how do you become a Partner in Hope? Tune in and call 1-800-201-8883. The phone lines will be open today from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Friday. You can also text WBKR to 626262 and follow the link the donate.

It's $20/month on a debit or credit card...St. Jude...saving children, finding cures.

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