If you were on social media this week surely you didn't miss all the hilarious fuss over Bernie Sanders.  Several tri-state folks created their own and they're HYSTERICAL!

Picture it Washington D.C. 2021, Bernie Sanders all alone in his seat looking adorable in a creamy tan parka, mask, and the sweetest knitted mittens you've ever seen (imagine my most southern accent).

Bernie Sanders is a Senator for Vermont but after the 46th inauguration, he can be anywhere in the whole wide world.  Nick Sawhney, the guy behind the button who allows our guy Bernie to hang with anyone anywhere.  This fun creation came out of group chat among friends.

Now, back to Bernie's mittens!  Everyone is asking where he got his mittens.  A second-grade teacher by the name of Jen Ellis, who is a huge Bernie fan gave the mittens to him.


Here's how to make your own Bernie meme according to Radio.com;

Twitter user Nick Sawhney has created a website that allows you to drop in an address or location and the site will generate an image of Bernie in that location.

The site uses the Google Maps street view tool to create the photos.

Now show us your Bernie memes this is so darn fun!

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