What places have the best coffee in Owensboro?  I found my top five and along with finding the top five I'll also tell you what is the best coffee to get!  Check it out. 

I can't get through my day (especially morning) without coffee.  Most days I drink a TON of coffee here at the station and when I'm outside of the office I usually have some with me.  So where in Owensboro can you find the best coffee?  There are lots of places I like.  So lets take a look in no particular order.

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- Starbucks Coffee - It's gotta be the Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks.... The huge one.

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- Dunkin Donuts - The Dunkaccino.  A coffee and hot chocolate blend?  COME ON... GET ME MORE!!


- Great Harvest - I actually just had this the other day on the CB Radio Show.  Our buddy Greg stopped by with a very simple Medium Blend cup of Joe and I was all about it.  Delicious!!

- The Creme - Where do I start?  The Judo Chop is where I start... It's incredible.  If you need something to wake you up in the morning then you need to get to Second Street in Owensboro for a Judo Chop... It's incredible.


- Dream A Latte -  My favorite of the three blends from Dream a Latte is the Wake Me Up blent.  I love Guatemalan coffee. YUM.  This was also featured on the CB Radio Show a couple weeks ago with out friend Amanda Owen.  It's delicious coffee for an incredible cause!  Get more info about the Dream Team!!