The team at Roadsnacks have run some more numbers and have now come up with the most MISERABLE cities in Kentucky.

Aren't their projects pleasant?

They've already given us the snobbiest cities and now we have a list of all those Kentucky towns--with populations north of 2,000--where the dark cloud of misery seems to hover.

Factors incorporated into their research included percentage of population with a college degree; average commute times; unemployment rates; cost of living; percentage of married couples; percentage of home owners; and poverty rate.

Since "2,000+ population" was a criterion, then I'd like to throw in an editorial comment...

I would imagine "commute times" only becomes a point of misery in Lexington and Louisville.


I hate their traffic.

But anyway, the list contains 151 cities and, yes, all those that fit the population bill that are in our area made the cut.

But how high?

(Pssst...the one I'm currently in fares pretty well.)

See for yourself here.