Almost everyone who's lived in Illinois for any period of time knows where the bridge is from the famous jump scene in The Blues Brothers movie. Did you know there's also what many consider to be the best seafood in Illinois (and maybe even the entire Midwest) located right next to it?

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When I saw Only In Your State call out Calumet Fisheries as having the best seafood in the Midwest, I didn't make the connection that it's location was also the setting for the iconic bridge jump in The Blues Brothers. Pay special attention to the "catfish" sign visible through the side window when Jake and Elwood are preparing for the big 95th Street bridge moment.

This is the disguised Calumet Fisheries you can see out their window.

Nicolas H via YouTube
Nicolas H via YouTube

If you've never been through that part of Chicago, that's a real seafood place and many believe it's the best in the entire Midwest.

If you check iMDB, you'll see that the following filming location is given for The Blues Brothers:

Calumet River, South Deering, Chicago, Illinois, USA
(Bluesmobile car jumps over bridge)

It's two worlds colliding. One of the best movies ever filmed in Illinois (in my not-so-humble opinion) and maybe the best seafood in the Midwest. I have to believe that Jake and Elwood would be so proud of this brush with seafood and bridge greatness.

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