Christmas Vacation is almost here! We started making our plans - have you? Here are some easy and fun ideas on what you can do around the tri-state! Have a suggestion? Email me at!

Ever dream of doing kid stuff without kids? Now's the time! Go have lunch and play games without having to cater to kids!

Now is the time to visit the LST. When it's summer, it can get pretty warm and muggy in the ship. Take a leisurely stroll through the warship.

There are fun shops in all the downtowns! If you have a couple days or you start out early hit more than one. And be sure to visit River City Coffee & Goods for a coffee, Piece of Cake for a treat, and River Kitty Cafe for a snuggle in Evansville!

Whether you want a Christmas movie or want something to get your mind off the hustle and bustle, check out all the new showings. Showplace Cinemas is also showing classic Christmas movies at their South location. Be sure to head over to the FEC and get in a game of bowling and the arcade.

Lots of places are looking for volunteers around the tri-state!

Cook/Serve a Meal

The United Caring Shelter always has volunteer opportunities to help cook and serve meals to needy families. If you want to cook a meal in your own home and deliver it, the Ronald McDonald House has a sign up sheet for meals! Meals of Love is an act of kindness that translates feelings of concern into a tangible expression of human compassion. In a time when families are going through difficult circumstances, it is nice to have a hot, delicious home-cooked meal prepared for them.

Visit a Museum

Get a Massage!

I LOVE the massage therapists at Bodyworks Massage in Evansville and KVR Massage in Owensboro! They do our chair massages at work and their hands are MAGIC! And they are both super professional and know what they are doing!

Cuddle a Kitten or Puppy

Want to snuggle, I mean socialize kittens and puppies? All the local animal shelters need people to give dogs walks, play with puppies, and cuddle kittens. Check your local shelter for volunteer hours!

Wilstem Ranch is home to kangaroos, giraffes, zebras, reptiles, and even elephants! Yes, that's right. You can help give an elephant her spa day, feed a giraffe carrots, and snuggle baby roos! My life is complete! And, I was so happy to see the animals' living conditions are pristine. Even the goats smelled good! And you can tell they really like the people who work there. We met Spike, a rambunctious little porcupine who played chase with his keeper. We also met Carl, an iguana who loves to be rubbed on.

Santa's Candy Castle has every type of candy you can think of as well as gourmet popcorn and frozen hot chocolate, visit the Santa Claus Museum, old church, and Post Office and top off the day see Santa and get the best gifts at the Santa Claus Store!

Go Ice Skating

Both Swonder Ice Arena and Edge Ice Center provide hours of fun for kids and adults!

I know, it's 30 some degrees out but that's okay! Check out Big Splash Adventure for a full indoor waterpark! Big Splash Adventure is a 40,000 square foot indoor water park with retractable roof!  Enjoy the tropics in Indiana year round!  Big Splash Adventure is sure to be your destination for year round family fun!

Or, if you need adult beverages and the chance to win big, head on down to the casino for some slots, Black Jack, whatever you prefer. Pro tip: if you have kids - put an alarm on your phone so you know when to leave!

Grab a friend and go wining! Is that a thing? It should be! Check out the Hoosier Wine Trail for ideas! iver City Winery, Indian Creek Winery, Scout Mountain Winery, Blue Heron Vineyards & Winery, Monkey Hollow Winery, Pepper’s Ridge Winery and Mystique Winery.

Got more ideas to add to the list? Email me at!

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