Lessons Before 40: When Life Hands You Lemons Throw Them Back
When we are brought into this world we don't get to choose who raises us, where we will live, or even the school we might go to. Those circumstances can affect our entire lives if we allow them too. Often we come to a crossroads in life where we have to decide how we handle what is coming at …
Andy Brasher Records, “If She Loves” for Girlfriend [PHOTOS]
Love is in the air! Andy Brasher recently released a new song that he wrote for his longtime girlfriend, Tamarra Miller. I had the chance to speak to Tamarra and ask her about the song and what Andy means to her. Be listening during the Lunchtime Request Show where we will debut “If She Loves…
Take A Smoky Mountain Cabin Tour
Angel here and I have returned from my delightful holiday vacation. Our family started a new tradition this year and we headed to the Smoky Mountains for Christmas. I wanted to give you all a tour of our cabin.

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