I love to travel and I love to explore new places. I especially love when I can do both of those things in an unusual way! Just a 3 hour drive from Evansville, there is a most unusual place to stay in McEwen, Tennessee, a small town about an hour west of Nashville, with a population of less than 2,000 people.

In McEwen you will find the Wee Nook Hobbit Hole - a tiny underground home measuring just 360 square feet and packed full of comforts and charm. Wee Nook offers a full kitchen and bath along with a queen bed and sofa to sleep two but you won't find tv or internet in this subterranean paradise so bring a book or some board games to keep yourself busy. While you enjoy your stay at the Wee Nook, you'll find that there are hiking trails, a pond for fishing and swimming and they do allow pets on the property with an additional security deposit. The average price to rent the Wee Nook on Airbnb is $149 per night.

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Take a look at the  beauty and comfort packed into this tiny space.

See Inside This Underground Hobbit Hole In Tennessee

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