Even Brad Pitt must be laughing today about the 'Saturday Night Live' clips repeatedly clowning on his "arty" Chanel no. 5 commercial, presenting not one by four separate commercial spoofs selling everything from perfume to dog condoms.

Perfume ads have proven to be ripe for parody, ever since the show began. For context this time around, below is the original commercial released by Chanel. Compare to the video above to see how well 'SNL' cast-member Taran Killam's impersonation holds up:

From there it only gets stranger, with Pitt taking advantage of the bleary backdrop to shill the recent Taco Bell/Doritos hybrid, and also to discourage families from spaying and neutering their pets.

The final commercial is a somewhat regional shout-out to the ubiquitus 'Dr. Zizmor' ads that one finds littered throughout the subway system, which offer miraculous cures to common skin ailments. See below:

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