Matchbox 20 has announced yet another postponement to their 2020 tour. Now, we will have to wait until the spring and summer of 2023. The band has made this very difficult decision out of an abundance of caution for members of the Matchbox 20 family, as exposure to Covid-19 could potentially present serious health issues.

I can't say that I blame them. Rob Thomas's wife suffers from an autoimmune disease and can get sick very easily. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus, so I am very familiar with the autoimmune disease world. So, I am sad that we have to wait another year to see Matchbox Twenty live, but I completely respect their decision based on health issues.

Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas said, "We are disappointed to have to move the tour into 2023 but are looking forward to playing for all our fans before we know it. We appreciate all your understanding and hanging in with us. We promise we will bring you our incredible show when we see you in 2023!"

Well, there's just something about being in the same theatre or stadium as your favorite artist, and being surrounded by like-minded fans. All of us singing every song and sharing the moment. I always like to try and guess the setlist, and what covers they might take on. Not to mention, that I joined the fan club, and scored some pretty close seats.

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Itunes does have a Matchbox Twenty show from 2012, I highly recommend it, if you are arm-deep in a box of Girl Scout cookies right now. Maybe Rob will do more virtual shows.

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