I feel like Oprah right now on one of her infamous "Favorite Things" episodes, except I'm not giving you (or anyone) one of these awesome products I found and I'm getting paid exactly squat to tell you how awesome it is. I just want parents who are so exasperated with this problem to finally have an answer. You are welcome.

So, one of my favorite things to do is drive one of our brand new station Lincoln MKXs around for the day and then get back into my dumpster on wheels and go home. (That was sarcasm.) I have a 2007 Ford Edge. Now, don't get me wrong... it's loaded, it drives fine, and there's really no reason for me to get a new car. I'd still have my same issue if I bought one right off the lot. That issue: a four-year-old.

Last week, I handed her a Sprite that went with her Happy Meal. (In my house, Happy Meals are a HUGE treat and Sprite is an even bigger one) and guess what she did with it. Go ahead, guess! She didn't have anywhere to put it so she dropped it like a sippy cup. ON. TO. MY. FLOORBOARD. (I have my head cradled in my hand right now.)

I had my poor old Edge detailed about a month ago and the detail shop had to keep it over the weekend to get it really clean. They had to deal with French fries, melted crayons, dog hair, crumbs of unnamed origin, stickers, and tiny toys wedged between the seats. Here's the kicker, I have a handy little car vac that I use almost weekly! AND I condition the leather on my seats every month. I, like, take care of my baby! But, let's go back to that earlier issue: I have a four-year-old and every day is a clutter struggle.

So, I knew I needed a solution. HMMM something that would hold: wipes, markers, coloring books, an iPad (for vacation), toys, trash, and YES, DRINKS and keep it within her reach...

Mom's Bestie
Mom's Bestie

After a few days of searching, I decided on Mom's Bestie backseat organizer. I ordered it on the Amazon. It was a decent price and shipped on Prime (2-days).

We got it home and I loaded it up with the goods. My kid LOVES it. She can easily reach her coloring books, snacks, pencils, toys, drinks, wipes, and has a clear plastic screen to keep the family iPad for movie watching when we go on vacation with touchscreen. It has two buckles - one for the headrest and one for the bottom so it's not dangling. It's waterproof. It's pretty awesome and has a lifetime warranty.

Oh, and BONUS: it just might save your LIFE! Stop me if you've heard this one...

  • Me: (Driving down the road with child in back seat, minding my own business...)
  • Kid: "MOM, where's my thing?!"
  • Me: "What thing?"
  • Kid: "The thing!" (Screams, cries, throws massive tantrum.)
  • Me: Searches frantically for thing with one hand, drives with other. Eyes on road, barely.
  • Me: (Prays for patience...)

You don't have to be texting to be distracted. Looking behind you or even listening to your child carry on can be distraction enough. If I can eliminate some of that, the world will be a safer place! And, though I only have one child, I'd imagine supplying multiple children with their OWN things would help with sibling squabble. I could be wrong on this... just throwing it out there.

So, if you are driving around a dumpster on wheels and need help organizing your kids' crap, let me suggest a back of the seat organizer. I <3 mine!

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