I was in the grocery story really early Sunday morning.  I was actually there when the doors opened at 6am.  Pro tip! That's when I go do my grocery shopping.  I always beat the church crowd. There's hardly anyone there. I can get in and out relatively quickly and there's not a traffic jam at the U-Scan.  Trust me.  6am Sunday morning is THE time to shop.

As I was wrapping up, I decided to swing through the Christmas aisle.  Yes, I fully admit that it's a bit early, but I was curious to see what Kroger already had out on display. I am glad I made the detour because I discovered something I was completely unaware of.

Did you know that there a bunch of new candy cane flavors? Okay, I'll admit it.  They may not even be THAT new.  It's entirely possible that I am late to this party.  But, I personally had no idea there were this many options when it comes to candy canes.

When I was a kid, the traditional peppermint candy canes where most definitely a part of our Christmas celebrations. As a matter of fact, we often used them as decorations on our Christmas tree.  We would hang them on the Christmas tree limbs just like they ornaments.  They looked really good.  And, of course, they tasted good. As Christmas progressed, we would just remove them from the tree, peel off the wrapper and eat our decorations.  It was less we had to store until the next Christmas. LOL.

I was pleased to see plenty of boxes of "traditional" candy canes on the store shelves at Kroger. But, I was also intrigued by the big variety of other flavors that are now available. I'm sure the are probably even more than these, but here's what I snapped photos of.

A Bunch of Delicious Candy Cane Flavors for Christmas

So much for the traditional peppermint candy canes at Christmas time. Well, actually, those are still around. But, if you're not a fan of peppermint, there are plenty of new candy cane flavors to keep you occupied.
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