A couple of weeks ago, Cathy Mullins of Owensboro, KY, did something she's never done before.  She sang the National Anthem at an NFL game.  She was in Georgia for the Atlanta Falcons/New England Patriots game, where her version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was shown on the giant Jumbotron at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Cathy is certainly no stranger to singing the National Anthem in front of huge crowds.  She, in fact, is on the roster of singers for the Nashville Predators and has performed on the ice inside Bridgestone Arena countless times.  But, until recently, she had never sung in front of fans of the NFL.

While the anthem that night wasn't performed live (in the wake of COVID-19, the Falcons have been prerecording them), it was absolutely electric. Cathy's version of the song is one of eight chosen by the Falcons to be used at home games this year.  She recently traveled to Fort Benning to record video for her performance. That visit was a homecoming of sorts for Cathy and the Mullins family.


See, Cathy performed the anthem at Fort Benning at the base's 9/11 ceremony this year.  Her son Brandon died in Afghanistan ten years ago.  Brandon's name is on the memorial at Fort Benning.  Folks on hand for the ceremony were incredibly moved by Cathy's performance.  Those impacted by her song and her family's story included the Commander, who sent her name to the Falcons for consideration.  It was that recommendation that ultimately landed her at the Falcons/Patriots game.

Cathy's video feature played for fans before the game inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We promised to share the video of that performance as soon as we obtained it.  And, guess what?  We have it!

Take a look!  This is terrific and features a surprise video appearance from Cathy's family stationed overseas.

The game that night was a rematch of the Falcons/Patriots Super Bowl matchup.  That game was a thriller.  Remember?  The Patriots roared back from a huge deficit to win.  The redux wasn't close at all.  New England basically skunked the Falcons 25 to 0.

The morning after the game, Cathy and her husband Tommy joined me on the WBKR morning show to chat about the opportunity and share their experience.


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