Earlier today CBS went through with a rather late pickup of the upcoming 'Bad Teacher' adaptation, but the confirmed offerings for the network's 2013-2014 slate have a few reveals of their own. The network has released extended trailers for Chuck Lorre's 'Mom,' Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams' 'The Crazy Ones' and more, so get your best look yet at CBS's fall lineup inside!

You might have noticed we tend to avoid most of CBS's three-camera sitcoms, making the eye network's fall 2013 pickups full of single-camera comedies all the more intriguing. Today the network has unveiled a new slate of trailers for its upcoming offerings, among them David E. Kelley's 'The Crazy Ones,' Will Arnett and Margo Martindale's 'The Millers,' and Toni Collette thriller 'Hostages.'

Regardless of the McDonald's product placement, we'd be hard pressed to deny the appeal of 'The Crazy Ones' given the presence of SMG, Robin Williams and 'Mad Men' mystery man James Wolk. The Kal Penn-starring "We Are Men' certainly looks better than we initially gave it credit for, while Anna Faris and Allison Janney's performances in the 'Mom' trailer help sell another winner for Lorre. We're a bit less sold with regard to 'Arrested Development's star Will Arnett's turn in 'The Millers,' but we'd be willing to give it a try off the bat.

Hopefully more new trailers of the fall offerings will arrive, but in the meantime check out the latest looks at CBS's fall lineup below, and tell us which catch your interest in the comments!

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