WBKR'S own Greg & Marsha Brady A.K.A. Chad & Angel celebrate Jan A.K.A. Barb's birthday today.  Come along with us as we wish our Barbalicious a happy day.

It is no secret that Barb has it out for the Changel show.  Her snide remarks about our adorableness come out in all her glory as she hosts her very own show.

We're doing this today to also to honor Barb's #1 fan George Glass.  However, George could never compete with the main man in her life Chris.  No, we aren't talking about her husband Chris Arnold but Chris Young.  Barb is currently in the running to be the 32nd person added to the new mural at the Chris Young Cafe in Middle Tennessee.


In total seriousness, Barbie is one of the most selfless and kind people in the world.  She is always thinking of others.  She is the big sister that keeps us all together and in check.  Mothering us and making sure we don't sail off the deep end.  Many times it's because she sends us there.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARB!  We love you so much!

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