Hey, Guys Angel here and I have a question for you.  How much do you pack when you go on vacation?  This is a judgement-free zone so answer freely!

By judgement-free I mean "Chad is going to reem you out if you pack as much crap as I do"  so be prepared.

Last night when Chad and Kevin arrived they came up to my room to get me and my niece, Brandi, for dinner.  We kindly invited them in and proceeded to be hospitable as southern women do and then Chad committed a horribly awful cardinal sin...he gasped and gawked at how many things we packed for vacation.


Honestly, I didn't really pack as much as I normally do.  When we loaded the car Thursday Joe said "you aren't taking much".  I have one very large suitcase that I have had for years and that thing could actually fit Chad inside (if he keeps mouthing off he may end up inside it at the bottom of the Gulf).

I guess I truly do have a tendency to overpack.  I brought several dresses, five pairs of shorts, coordinating tops for each, two pairs of jeans, six pairs of shoes, and several workout pieces.  I also packed three different swimsuits, a robe, and pajamas.  Next, I brought a small round tote that has all my makeup and hair stuff.  So a total of two items.  I don't think that's a lot at all.

To be fair Chad has no hair, he doesn't have to bring hair products or makeup.  Anyways I don't think there is a concealer strong enough to cover those crows feet.  And guys can wear the same jeans and just throw on a top.  Women need to plan and play with their outfits.

While I may not wear everything I bring I like variety.  I like to be able to have options.

So, how much do you pack on vacation?  Do you have packing secrets?  Head to the WBKR Facebook Page and tell us or show us photos!


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