In honor of National Ice Cream Day, I found a pretty "COOL" story to share.

Chicago Ice Cream Vendor, Fidencio Sanchez,  89, has been selling ice cream and popsicles in a Chicago neighborhood for more than 20 years.  Every morning he gets up heads to a local restaurant and purchases 200 popsicles.

One day last week, a customer's heart broke for Sanchez when he asked him why he continued to work so hard every day.  Sanchez said his daughter who helped to support him and his wife died in June.

The customer immediately went to social media and shared his story.  The response was overwhelmingly awesome!  One person even created a GoFundMe page for the family that raised close to $380,000.

Sanchez responded with a grateful heart and said now he would finally be able to get some rest.

Proof there are still caring and compassionate people in the world.  Go grab yourself a cold treat and think of sweet Mr. Sanchez.

Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day Friends!!!