Save $2.00 on all-you-can-ride wristbands for the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival right now at Seize the!

Ride wristbands have been around since I was in grade school (25-30 years ago), and allow the wearer to ride as many rides as want (or as much as their stomach can tolerate). You could ride every ride once, or do what my friends and I did, ride the Gravitron 40 times in a row! Who cares! You'd have a wristband that lets you do either!

You can also purchase your wristbands at any Old National Bank, Donut Bank, or Schnuck's location.

Upon purchase, you'll receive a voucher good for one wristband. Then, simply exchange your voucher for an actual wristband at one of the following ticket booths on Franklin Street during the Fall Festival:

  • Acorn Plaza (Kiddie Rides)
  • 10th Avenue and Franklin Street
  • Wabash Avenue and Franklin Street

PLEASE NOTE: Wristbands are good for only one day's use. 

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