Random acts of kindness pop up everywhere. Like The Giving Wall, in Newburgh, IN and more walls inspired by it are happening in Tell City, IN and Anchorage, AK. The last couple of years have made us realize how much we're all connected and how much we rely on each other in times of need.

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Sometimes, all someone needs is a kind word or thought. All of the country, and even n our own community, kindness stones are turning up everywhere. They are usually painted different colors with either positive words or images painted on them. I love this idea so much. I've actually painted some with my granddaughter to help teach her to spread love and kindness everywhere you go.

While at the westside of Evansville, a man showed me this stone that at been left on top of a gas pump. He said that this wasn't the first time he has seen a kindness stone. But, it was the first time there had been a note on the back.


Soon after I talked to Jeff, he sent the rock to his brother in Hawaii so he can take a pic of the snowman rock in the sand. His brother plans on leaving it with a tourist so they can take it home and give it to someone else and continue passing on super positive vibes.

I looked up the Facebook page and it has pics of tons of rocks that have traveled far and wide and been found all over the world. See them here.

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