Remember the McGruff the Crime Dog? He told many of us to stay away from drugs when we were kids. Whether as children or adults, some people fell into bad crowds and didn't listen or opted to do it as an adult for whatever reason. It's sad when people become addicted and can't kick the habit. This may not be the case for an Illinois man but his confession to police indicate this wasn't his first time.

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First responders in Chicago, Illinois had to handle a unique situation inside the Walgreens at 6140 North Western Avenue on Monday. The incident led to the store being closed "for the foreseeable future," according to CWB Chicago. The store was open for business when this happened.

"Arson in progress"

During the 5 o'clock commute, police were dispatched to Walgreens for arson in progress. When the officers arrived at the scene firefighters were already inside the store extinguishing a fire. According to the police report, witnesses say a man use a lighter to set shaving cream and other plastic items on the shelves on fire. Within minutes the store was filled with smoke and customers were quickly escorted outside.

Shaving foam.
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Was this the most honest confession ever?

When questioned by police the man gave an honest explanation. He told police he was tweaking out and high on cocaine. He also admitted that he likes to set things on fire when he uses "a lot of cocaine." The ended up burning his thumb during the fire inside Walgreens. He also didn't leave the scene, he was found sitting by the entrance of the store. The entire incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

Handcuffs and cocaine
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The man had prior convictions and earned himself another charge, aggravated arson. He was unable to attend his bail hearing as he remains hospitalized for drug, alcohol, and mental health conditions.  Read more here.

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