Twenty dogs get a new lease on life thanks to this giving community. It brought tears to my eyes this morning when I saw that the goal was met and pups would be saved.

Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images
Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Yesterday, the community rallied around these precious babies, and raised over $600 to secure their life here on this earth. They couldn't speak for themselves to say how scared they've been at the shelter. They didn't ask to be born. They didn't ask for ANY of this. But, now they can get that forever, loving family that they've always wanted.

All thanks to YOU. Those who gave and continue to give to save homeless animals in our community. The $600 in donations was needed to cover a lifesaving transport to New York this weekend for this lucky group.

As you know, there's still much work to be done. You can always donate to the shelter, foster, adopt or drop off food and supplies.

Follow the Daviess County Animal Shelter on Facebook. They just added some new pups and cats looking for you to save their lives.

Hug your sweet pets today. Trust me, they know how lucky they are to have you and vice versa! Maybe, give them a kiss too......

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