Yes, you did read that correctly. The 2,300-square-foot home is really eye-catching but there's a big catch of you want to take advantage of the offer.

If you can find a way to move this house it's yours for free

You have to move quick to secure your free house. The house is located in Elgin and it is scheduled to be demolished in April.

All you have to do to make this home yours is find a new location to put it in, and then....

pick up the house and move it.

It can be done, I've seen it happen before, but it is no easy task I would imagine.

How to move an entire home

I had to Google the above phrase, which I think immediately removes me from the list of possible new owners of this cool Mid-century home.

I watched a house being moved when I was a little boy and it was one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen.

Here's the offer for the Elgin house in writing:

"2,280 sq ft full of walnut doors and cherry cabinets. Must be moved by April 1st. The house will be a challenge to move, since it's a wood frame on concrete block with a basement + about 1/3 of it on slab. Anyone interested with a viable plan to get it moved, contact Series inquiries only!"


The home was built in 1967 and was even designated a Kane County landmark in 1996. The status was lost when the Elgin City Council voted in November to annex the property for an industrial development.

Julia Thavong who is the preservation planner for the Kane County Development Department told that the cost to complete the relocation would likely be around $500,000.

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