With the end of the month fast approaching, many people are looking forward to an upcoming payday. But researchers have found getting paid may actually be hazardous to your health.

A study from Notre Dame says people are more likely to die during the week after being paid, citing a temporary but significant spike in traffic fatalities, heart attacks and increased substance abuse during that time period.

While the study only looked at people who were being paid by the government, such as military personnel and social security recipients, much of the reasoning seems as though it would still apply to the population as a whole.

“There is increased economic activity after payday,” says Notre Dame economist William Evans. “Some of the activity, like driving and trips to bars, will naturally increase risk. Many types of activities are also known to trigger heart attacks.” Watch below as he explains more about the study’s findings.

Maybe it’s a better idea to just put the money in savings and stay home.

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