We have seen a lot of food challenges pop up in the area, but this one is one that I want to be first in line to complete.

A very well-known fact about me is that I love food, especially Italian food. Another lesser-known fact about me is that I have an obsession with Cicis Pizza. I used to skip class in college with my friend Dayne all of the time just to go to Cici's and scarf down as much pizza as possible...don't skip class, kids. Class is important...


Cicis has locations all throughout the country. They offer a great salad bar, pizza, pasta, and dessert buffet all at a great price. Many locations throughout the nation also have something else to offer guests that have always intrigued me. They have the Cicis Pizza Challenge. There are so many food challenges out there, even in the Evansville area, that make you say "I could do that". However, this challenge is one that I have been wanting to try for a long time, it was just never available at the Evansville location...until now.

What Is The Cicis Pizza Challenge?

Do you think you and a friend can eat a 28 inch pizza in an hour? It sounds easy, but this challenge might be harder than it sounds. However, I am up for the challenge and my partner and I are ready to give it a try. Sign ups will begin on February 12th at Cicis on Green River Road. A drawing will be held weekly to determine the contestants. The ballots will be emptied at the end of each month. Teams will have 24 hours to respond and pay the non-refundable $50 submission fee once called or we will move on to the next team. $300 cash prize for the team that completes the challenge.

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Here's everything you need to know about Evansville's Cicis Pizza Challenge:

  • Teams consist of two hungry pizza lovers.
  • You have one hour to eat an entire 28 inch pizza with one topping.
  • Plus, teams will have to drink two large drinks with no ice.
  • Teams can't leave the table, stand up, or throw up.
  • If you and your partner successfully complete the challenge, you'll win $300 cash!

Do you think you have what it takes to complete this challenge? I am beyond ready to try it out and take home that cash! Get ready, Cicis...I'm coming for you!

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