It sounds like an urban legend, but it really happened and there's proof. A couple checked into a Missouri motel only to learn 3 days later that they had been sleeping over a corpse.

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This terrifying motel story dates back to July of 2003 when it was reported by The Orlando Sentinel. I also found confirmation at Only In Your State this is very real. Here's what happened.

  • A couple checked into the Capri Motel near Kansas City in July of 2003
  • They complained to management of a terrible smell in their room, but were assured everything was OK.
  • As their stay continued, the smell became overwhelming. Complaints were also registered by other guests.
  • After finally investigating, the staff found a corpse had been stored under the bed the couple had been sleeping in.

Think this is nothing but a made-up tale? Guess again. Even the reviews of the Capri Motel on Yelp confirm this story is sadly very true. Some that stayed there were so horrified, they would share pics of chairs they would move in front of doors daring you to stay there. Here's an exact quote from one of the patrons:

They found a dead body rotting for days at this motel. Guests kept complaining about the smell but they did nothing.

To this day there have been no confirmations of an identification of that corpse or who was responsible. Eventually, the Capri Motel would close and the sign marking this incredible episode of vacationing gone wrong would be taken down.

The exact address of what used to be the Capri Motel was 1437 Independence Ave in Kansas City, Missouri. The motel has been torn down, but the story of what happened there will likely be told forever.

Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

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