Are you prepared when the you-know-what hits the fan? You would if you had this sweet off-the-grid school bus conversion in Missouri that looks like it's built to survive the unavoidable zombie apocalypse.

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I found this 40 foot school bus conversion on Tiny House Listings. Right now, it's located near Kansas City, Missouri, but they are willing to deliver apparently. The listing says this is an 85% conversion, but it looks 100% good to me for the end of days.

See a Missouri Off-the-Grid Bus Made to Survive Zombie Apocalypse

Tiny House Listings says this school bus was purchased from a Missouri school district back in 2020. The only reason the owner is willing to part with it is their life is apparently "going a different direction". Away from the zombies maybe? Asking for a friend.

This bad boy school bus is a little bare bones, but if you throw a bed in the back and stock that kitchen, you're in pretty good shape for surviving the rising of the undead. Don't laugh. The government does have an official zombie apocalypse website. Really. What do you know that we don't feds?

This blue school bus conversion can be yours as of this writing for the low, low price of just $39,000. Get it and you'll be the envy of your prepper neighborhood. I guarantee it.

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