OMG!!! Let me just tell you right now. I am here for it. I am all over this.  Dairy Queen just announced a brand new Blizzard for the summer and it features one of my absolute favorite things ever- the Nestle Drumstick!

I have been addicted to Drumsticks since I was a kid.  Seriously!  When the playground at Thruston Elementary School sold ice cream, I had two go-to purchases: Nestle Push Ups and Nestle Drumsticks.

Quick fun fact about Push Ups, when Jaclyn Graves worked here and gave birth to Carsyn, I took a Push Up to her after delivery and asked her if it reminded her of pushing Carsyn out into the world. LOL!!

As for Drumsticks, Kevin and I are STILL addicted to them and we routinely have boxes of them in the freezer at the house.  Except, I will make a penny-pinching confession.  I only buy the Nestle brand when they're on sale.  So, most of the times, my "drumsticks" are some knock-off brand.  But, occasionally, I treat myself to the real thing.

And, as for the real thing, Angel and I called Dairy Queen this morning to make sure we could get a Drumstick Blizzard during breakfast.  They said, "Yes!" so Angel zipped down there to get them.  Look. At. These.


And, yes!  I ate mine for breakfast. #Winning

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