Danny Glover, star of hit movies like The Color Purple and the Lethal Weapon series, is coming to Owensboro.

Alma Randolph Charitable Foundation

The Alma Randolph Charitable Foundation has announced that Danny Glover will visit Owensboro on Saturday, September 17th.  He will be the keynote speaker for the foundation's fall fundraising event at The Hines Center.

Glover is an actor, producer and humanitarian. He has been a commanding presence on screen, stage and television for more than 25 years. His movie credits include Silverado, Predator, Places in the Heart, Shooter, Angels in the Outfield, Witness, and, of course, The Color Purple and Lethal Weapon.

Since 1993, the Alma Randolph Charitable Foundation has provided new clothing and shoes for 15,130 disadvantaged children and raised $1,152,593.  The foundation receives referrals from local homeless agencies, city & county school systems and youth agencies. Last year, the ARCF approved 750 children to participate in the annual fall shopping event.

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