I was always good at volleyball when I had the knees for it. Oh, I couldn't play like you're SUPPOSED to play. But I've been really tall since eighth grade and that's why I was always picked.


But I was NEVER good enough for SANCTIONED volleyball and would've driven someone like Tyla Celeste Bailey crazy because she's used to squads that win and win a lot. That's why her teams' records since she became the head volleyball coach at Daviess County High School in 2018 have consistently improved year over year.

In her first season, the Panthers went 13-14 then quickly improved to 19-10 in the 2019-2020 season. In a COVID-shortened 2020-2021 campaign, her team won 78% of its games, finishing 14-4. While the current season ended with a November 1st loss to Bowling Green in the state tournament, the Panthers add 9th District and 3rd Region championships to the trophy case for a second consecutive season.

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This continued success has led Tyla Bailey to be named the Region Three Coach of the Year. The region's teams are Daviess County, Owensboro, Owensboro Apollo, Owensboro Catholic, Whitesville Trinity, Hancock County, Breckenridge County, and Meade County.

Coach Bailey came to DCHS straight out of college. The Murray State graduate and Russell Springs native, who started as an assistant coach at Daviess County in 2016, says this was her first teaching and coaching job; she's also a health and physical education instructor. Once the school learned of Bailey's volleyball background, she was asked to consider coaching.


With the University of Kentucky winning its first-ever volleyball national championship in 2021, the coach says she has noticed an increase in interest in the sport as there were more tryout participants this year and the DCHS volleyball youth camp reached full capacity.

It's always good to see great news surrounding Daviess County High School, my alma mater and having a better record than the previous for each of your first four seasons--complete with another district and regional championship and a trip to the state tournament--certainly qualifies.

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