This is the time of year when people make New Year's Resolutions then immediately begin battling against themselves to fulfill them.  This young lady will inspire you to achieve any goal you set and prove, that if you truly put your mind to something, you can do it.  No matter the odds. #HoopsAndHopes
Emma Anderson is a senior at Daviess County High School and a member of the Lady Panthers basketball team.  In August of last year, she was diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder, a neurological malady that can not only affect the way a person walks, but also triggers unpredictable, uncontrollable, involuntary movement.
Here's a photo of Emma with a visit from her teammates.
John Kirkpatrick
Naturally, this diagnosis sidelined Emma and threatened to end her high school playing career.  But, she didn't let it.  She was determined to rebound and, rather impressively, she has.
According to her coach, John Kirkpatrick, Emma underwent intensive inpatient therapy for her disorder at Frazier's in Louisville. She then committed to a combination of water and land therapy at the Healthpark here in Owensboro.  And, she dedicated herself to working with the DCHS athletic trainer and the Panther coaching staff to rebuild her skill set and agility.
And, guess what?  Emma is back!
John Kirkpatrick/DCHS
She will return to action this Friday night when the Daviess County Panthers play the Lady Eagles at Apollo.  Tip off time is 5:30pm.  And while a high school basketball game is just minutes long really, this particular game will represent months of hard work, dedication, and overcoming obstacles.  Emma will walk onto the court a study in perseverance.  She will walk onto court a winner.  A Panther.  A triumph of will.