As the death toll in Tennessee climbs to twenty-four, more devastating footage surfaces. Images of neighborhoods and businesses in complete destruction this morning. It's simply unimaginable.

Brian Copeland

I watched the news last night as the weather system moved through Muhlenberg County and prayed for friends in the area. Once Wayne said that the area was all clear, I just went back to a program I was watching until bedtime. As my head hit the pillow, I couldn't have imagined the news we would all wake up to.

A devastating tornado hit the heart of Tennessee overnight. So many homes, businesses and non-profit centers were in the path of destruction. I instantly thought of all of my friends in the area and started checking in with them. Some I'm still waiting on and although I haven't heard, I'm sure they're okay.

The death toll just keeps rising this morning. It's simply unimaginable. According to NewsChannel5 out of Nashville, the death toll has reached twenty-four.

Brian Copeland

I checked in right away with my friend Payton. I was grateful that herself and the pups were okay this morning. Payton does bring up a good point. We need to keep all of the workers that will be out in the streets, for days to come, in our prayers. It's dangerous work with long hours ahead.

Payton Taylor

Love this feature to "Mark Yourself Safe". So many have checked in today and it gives piece of mind. I was so concerned for my friend Steve Bridgmon, and I could exhale when I saw his "Safe" post this morning.

Steve Bridgmon

Steve's friend Brian Copeland is in Nashville real estate. He owns properties that were in the path of the tornado and shared many devastating images. It's such sad day for so many. Our thoughts and prayers are truly with Nashville and the surrounding communities throughout Tennessee.


August Christopher singer, Criss Cheatham moments ago took a video of his Nashville neighborhood and it's just devastating. Although his home has minor damage, other homes aren't so lucky. #Prayers4Nashville

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