In the tri-state, we're no strangers to ghost stories,  in fact most Tri-State residents know the Gray Lady at Willard Library by name! But where is the most haunted place in the state?  Well according to this list, it's the Story inn, and you can plan a visit there!

Photo by Ashley S.
Photo by Ashley S.

The Story Inn is located in Story Indiana, just outside of Nashville.  From a little Googling about the town,  I was able to find it was once a small mining town that just kind of vanished in the 1800's, it's in Brown County Indiana, which is just a couple hours up the road!  The Story Inn is now a bed and breakfast where you can go and enjoy a nice overnight stay. I actually have friends who  have stayed there, and they say it really is a quaint place, but the ghost stories kept them just a tad on edge. Their most infamous room however is the Blue Lady room where you just might get a peek at the Blue Lady herself!

Our most famous (or infamous) overnight accommodation, located above the general store and named after the rumored “ghost” that haunts the room and general store. Queen-sized bed, private balcony, and spacious bathroom with a shower.

The Story Inn also considers themselves a "distraction free" destination, so your room won't have a tv, telephone, internet, or even an alarm clock.  While one one hand that sounds exactly like the kind of getaway I could use, on the other hand, holy bonus creepy factor Batman! If you want to book your stay, you can do so through their website,

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