If you love adventure you'll find it just a short drive from the Tri-State in Paducah, Kentucky.  Whether your family is looking for laser tag or a way to make memories we found it.

Talon Falls Event Venue is packed with tons of activities for everyone.  And when we say everyone we mean it.  We're positive you'll find something to keep you entertained when you visit.

Angel here and I discovered Talon Falls last year looking for more activities to do with the family.  I had no idea until this year they had a huge outdoor laser tag arena.

TALON FALLS LASER TAG-The arena has 50 different screens to watch scores of the games and how they are playing out.  You can even hear the action on surround sound throughout the whole area.  They even have different game levels depending on your family or group.  We have always visited indoor places.  I love the idea of being able to have a whole lot more room to run!

TALON ESCAPE takes you to an escape experience with different themed rooms.  You have one hour to try and make your way out.  Here are the four escape scenarios;

BACK TO THE FUTURE-Time Travelers Needed! Help Professor Eugene get his time machine back.  Work your way through the past and future to solve puzzles, crack codes, and work as a team.

THE SPELL-Witches and vampires have been at war for ages. This coven of witches has been trying to put to death the last vampire but failed, and in the attempt, they all perished.

ANTIDOTE-One of your team members has been bitten by a zombie. Infiltrate the facility and find the antidote before the virus takes over your team member and the zombie horde returns.

JAIL BUS-You and your fellow inmates are en-route to begin your life sentence in prison. Luckily, the bus breaks down and you see your chance at freedom.

Maybe you love a good scare!  Talon Falls Screampark is fully prepared to leave terrified beyond repair.  The Screampark is a haunted attraction that has been around since 2011.  It is family-owned and operated.  This year they have 13 haunted mazes for folks to attempt to escape.  Even better after the Halloween Season is over they will continue to scare with their Flashlight Fright Nights on November 5th & 6th.  Their haunted house goes dark and very dim flashlights come out to see if you can find your way through.

TALON FALLS ADVENTURE PARK-We could literally spend the entire day inside the park.  channel your inner kid or let your own kids do the Treasure Mine Dig, Corn Maze, Hayrides, Pumpkin Alley, Grass Hopper Jump, Crow’s Nest Tree Houses, Pedal Carts, Kids Zip Lines, Bungee Trampolines, Catch a Cab Train, 80′ Super Slide, Tire Mountain, Kiddie Island Beach, Duck Races, Face Painting, Inflatables and Food Concession.


You can even host a birthday party at Talon Falls.


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