While waiting in line to pay for my bucket of Fireball shots and a tin of Skol (kidding) at a Wisconsin gas station, I looked to my left to see an interesting sign. This wasn't an "out of order" or a "Caution, wet floor" on the women's bathroom door...it was WAY worse, and quite disturbing.

This gas station also doubles as a bus stop, so the amount of traffic through this little gas station is always quite a lot. Ladies, imagine traveling for hours on a bus and then finally arriving at this location...Time to get out and stretch your legs, maybe grab a coffee and use the restroom. Upon entering the gas station you see a sign on the women's bathroom door. From a distance, you think the worst...Oh shoot, please don't be an "out or order" sign! As you get closer you notice that the bathroom is still in working order, sort of...What is the deal with this sign? What exactly does it mean and how "bad" is it?

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At first of course, because the 12 year old part of my brain still works at times...I laughed when I read this. But as I waited in line at the register and watched a few women walk towards the restroom and read the sign and come to a complete stop, I thought, dang...that sucks. A few walked in, there were a few that turned and walked away as well.

What EXACTLY does this sign mean? DO I even want to know? Would this stop YOU from entering?

Photo - TSM Rockford/Jon Schulz

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