Every year, I create a special Christmas card with the intention of sending them to everyone I know. In reality, I print a bunch of them, and they stay in the package. Usually, it's because I forget to mail them. Around December 23rd, I think that maybe they will be delivered in 1 day. I don't think it's just me, because we haven't been getting a lot of cards in the mail. Or maybe that's because no one is getting one from us?

Photo by Liberty
Photo by Liberty

According to Mint.com the history of Christmas cards is quite interesting:

The first “real” Christmas card was the brainchild of Sir Henry Cole, a dedicated civil-servant and scholar in the United Kingdom. Sir Cole had just worked to pass a reform that lowered the cost of postage to a single penny (the “penny post”) to encourage British citizens of all walks of life to use the postal system. However, he needed to find a way to get more people using the mail to help finance the change.

In 1843, the same year in which Charles Dickens published and popularized the Victorian holiday staple A Christmas Carol, Sir Henry Cole commissioned the design of a Christmas card from Mr. John Calcott Horsley. In his notes, he boasted that they printed almost 1000 copies sold at a shilling per piece and credited the Christmas card’s popularity with increasing absolute mail volume by 11.5 million pieces in 1846.

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