We've all received gifts in our life that we absolutely love.  Have you ever received a gift that immediately made you tear up or made you think how thoughtful of someone to think of me?  Angel here and last week I received a gift like this and wanted to share it with you.

Many of you know my life because I share openly and often.  You know I've lost my momma and my daughter Kathern and that I cherish family more than anything in this whole entire world after God.

A few weeks ago my friend Amy Hagan, who I used to work with at Burns Middle School messaged me and said I have something I want to give to you.  Of course, I was excited.

She dropped it off at the station one day when I was gone.  When I opened the beautifully wrapped bag I found these;


They are coasters to place in my home.  Each handmade and handpicked of photos that I hold so dear to my heart.  She even thought enough to include pictures of my momma and Kathern and two family pictures.

It took my breath.  Yes, I was actually speechless.  That does not happen often.

I am so grateful for these and it was something we needed so it was a double dose of awesome.

Thank you, Amy, so much for being such a sweetheart and making my day.

Have you ever received a completely thoughtful or meaningful gift for no reason?  What was it?  Tell us at the Facebook page.

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