Kingston Pharma, makers of DG Baby Gripe Water, sold exclusively at Dollar General Stores, has issued a voluntary recall of the all lots of the product due to the discovery of an "undissolved ingredient."

According to the recall on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website, the "undissolved ingredient" is citrus flavonoid. The ingredient is not considered hazardous to children, however it can make the overall product difficult to swallow for "sensitive individuals."


The product in question is packaged in 4-ounce amber bottles, with white plastic caps, safety seals, and includes an oral syringe, with UPC Code 8 5495400246 3.

According to the recall, there has only been one report of an infant having difficulty swallowing the product. However, if you have any questions, or your child has any type of issue using this product, contact Christina Condon or C. Jeanne Taborsky by calling 844-724-7347 or e-mail at The company also strongly encourages you to contact your child's physician if they have any problems that may be associated with using the product.

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