I can't believe we're heading out for Memphis in less than 18 hours, but we are... Sweatin' For St. Jude 2016 is here! This year, Chad and I wanted to go bigger than ever and I think we're going to do it! We are biking from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis back to Owensboro in FOUR days! Yes, we have have lost our minds, but y'all know we'll do anything for the sick babies! So, how can YOU help?!? It's easy, just text "RIDE" to 785833 to donate! Your prayers, my snacks and YOUR donations will be what keeps us going! I thank you in advance, this is going to be epic!

Tune in beginning Tuesday morning at 6am, we'll have live updates throughout the week. We will make a celebration lap at the Moonlight Ride Friday night, downtown Owensboro!

Let's ride!

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