The mosquitoes are back and in full force. Here's a little trap that you can make to help eliminate them from your yard.

I don't know about you, but I have a BAD mosquito problem in my yard. I can't even walk outside for two minutes without having to swat those pests away. It's a nuisance that nobody wants to deal with. Maybe you have tried citronella candles while sitting on your patio. That helps for sure. Perhaps you have lemongrass or peppermint plants in your yard to help keep the mosquitoes away. Somehow it seems that they are all only so effective. It's always good to have another way to keep the mosquitoes away from you while you're hanging out in your yard.

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In the past, I've shared with you a DIY Beer Mosquito Repellent that has been said to work wonders. You can always give that repellent a try this year, but it never hurts to try out all options. I recently found another DIY way to stay bite-free in your yard that you can easily make.

DIY Mosquito Trap

Rather than having to spray yourself with repellent every time you walk outside in your yard, you can create a mosquito trap that will help reduce the number of skeeters in your yard. According to, "mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, which they perceive as the breath of humans and other mammals."

So if you can lure them in with carbon dioxide, you can trap and kill them. That's exactly what this DIY mosquito trap does. All you're going to need for this trap is a cup of hot water, yeast, sugar, and an empty 2-liter bottle.
loading... com says that you can make the trap like this:

<ul><li>Cut the bottle in half around its middle.</li><li>Heat the water, then add 1/4 cup sugar and let the granules dissolve.</li><li>Once the solution has cooled, pour the mixture into the bottom half of the bottle, and add a gram of yeast to begin the carbon dioxide reaction.</li><li>Remove the cap, flip the top of the bottle upside down, and push it into the bottom half of the bottle to create a funnel. Then tape the two bottle pieces together.</li><li>To increase the mosquito trap’s effectiveness, secure a black sock, cloth, or piece of paper around the outside of the assemblage.</li></ul>

You'll want to set the trap in shaded parts of your yard, away from gathering places. Mosquitoes will be attracted to the carbon dioxide, enter the bottle, and become trapped in the mixture. To maintain effectiveness, you will want to replace the mix every 2 weeks or as needed.

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