If you are vegan, expanding your vegan options, or just looking to have an amazing time around people who just have a great vibe, Vegandale Festival is for you!

I'm not vegan, but my sister is and I've spent so many years learning about the benefits of being vegan and all the delicious foods you're able to make without harming a single animal.  This festival is one day only where you can find the best vegan food, drinks, and products from around the world!


Vegandale is an experience that encompasses visual art, music, food, and spirits. Vegandale attendees (Citizens) will realize the moral imperative of veganism and a world that can exist without exploiting animals.

On June 11th, Vegandale will make it's ONE DAY ONLY appearance in Chicago, Illinois at Grant Park, 100 S. Lake Shore Drive - Butler Field.

Come as yourself and spend the day with friends listening to awesome music from a live DJ!  There will be an MC hosting games and giveaways on stage throughout the entire day, too.

All sorts of refreshing drinks will definitely get you in the dancing mood!

Look at how mouthwatering this burger looks, yum!  Anything with macaroni.. you can sign up me!  This is just one of many vendors that could possibly be at the festival.

Make sure when you take pictures of your food you tag #VegandaleFestival so you can get featured on their socials!!!

There will be photo opportunities throughout the festival for you to take Instagram-worthy pics at.  I hope this one is at the Chicago event, it's so cute!

Vegan buffalo cauliflower wings? YESSSS!  Chicago's lineup might surprise you!  You can find more info about the food vendors on their Facebook page.

To top it off, look at this dessert... soft serve on top of a banana? Wow, who would've thought of something like this?  Only at Vegandale, yup.

You can find tickets here!  Gates open at 11AM and the festival continues through the night until 7PM on Saturday, June 11th, 2022.  Don't miss out, sounds like a fun time!

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